This is a multifunctional gateway, that brings together the various standards in the market for home automation. No matter if you are just looking for an simple solution  or you are looking for smart home applications , the gateway will be able to do the job. The gateway is linked to our central server an comes with an app, allowing you to interact with your home no matter where you are.

The gateway communicates in several languages like wireless Mbus, and via USB connectors additional Z-wave, ZigBee, 4G, WiFi can be added. So right out of the box you are able to speak with hundreds of existing devices in the market.

Technically, the gateway is based on a Linux platform. It senses via: 1) temperature, 2) humidity, 3) movement, 4) lux, 5) Noise. It has inputs for: 1) 3 I/O ports, 2) IR signals and 3) one wire. It is prepared to have a USB power bank to run as backup for up till 3 months of operation. Wires comes out via a small opening in the lower part of the housing.

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We customize the UI and features of the APP to the need of our clients.